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Become a member of PWOCN and connect instantly to a powerful community of professional women of color. Tap into a growing network of like-minded women and build relationships built on support, encouragement and motivation.


Strategic Connections

Membership with the Professional Women of Color Network offers incredible opportunities for members to build business and visibility! 

Access to Expertise

Our online community offers members an opportunity to develop relationship and communicate with a diverse network of like-minded professional women.  

Member Spotlight

PWOCN members enjoy the exclusive opportunity to be highlighted in Member Spotlight promoted on website, social media and member newsletter.

Expand your network as well as your reach as a PWOCN premium member.   

Choose from an Online Community or Chapter membership and gain valuable, unlimited access to live or in-person Professional Development events all year long and valuable marketing and promotion opportunities.

You'll also be able to access the membership directory, receive career updates, exclusive membership discounts from PWOCN sponsor companies and partner organizations across the U.S!

A Great Place to Network!

PWOCN is a space for women of color to ConnectBuild and Grow with one another.

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