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 "I am so delighted to introduce you to the National Professional Women of Color  Network! 
 NPWOCN is an organization dedicated to women of color who are focused on success.  When I first envisioned PWOCN more than ten years ago, I knew exactly what I  wanted.
 A thriving network of amazing women who value the importance of growing, building  and succeeding together."
~ Meko L. Lawson

Meko Lawson is the CEO and Founder ofThe National Professional Women of  Color Network (PWOCN).   

PWOCN is the nation’s largest member based professional networking organization  for women of color.   Meko is passionate about women empowering one another and  is on a personal mission to strategically connect women of color throughout all fifty  states!

Formed in Washington state, PWOCN helps women of color reach their career  and  business goals by providing a platform for strategic connections, collaboration,  resources and conducting business with one another.

PWOCN has become a premier destination for diversity, job leads, professional development, personal empowerment, business promotion and partnership. Individuals attending functions sponsored by or through PWOCN are provided an opportunity to share their knowledge; promote their businesses and share in a positive environment.

Meko regularly conducts workshops and seminars on Networking and is responsible for the expansion and growth of PWOCN in several cities and states.  She is in demand as a speaker throughout the U.S. and is currently developing a multi-media platform focusing on success tools for professional women of color.

National Professional Women of Color Network
Seattle, WA

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