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PWOCN Cares!

We are in unprecedented times. Full stop. This is a space, place and time we are completely unfamiliar with. Even when we can see something that seems a bit familiar, it is accompanied with something we have no reference for...at least not in our lifetimes.

COVID-19 is big and scary and brings quite a bit of uncertainty doesn't it? I have found that the best ways to cope in times like this are as follows:

1) Recognize & Acknowledge

There are thoughts, concerns, feelings that are probably rushing through all of us. Recognize and acknowledge what's on your mind. Are you concerned, unbothered, figuring it out, freaking out? Whatever it is, recognizing and acknowledging where you are and what you are feeling will help you map out your plan of action.

2) Stay Informed but don't obsess

It is so easy to get lost in the hysteria but it's best not to stress. Find and follow sound information, take precautions, be wise, err on the side of caution but don't fall into the loop of gloom and doom.

3) Take GOOD care of yourself

Breathe, walk, soak, sleep. Whatever you choose for your self-care, make certain to tune in and take care. A calm mind leads to wisdom so focus on being grounded and calm in the midst of all of this. Click Here for a great list of Self Care ideas for professional women.


Most of you will be working from home during this time so be sure to find ways to connect to others whether it's by phone, video or online events, there is no need for networking to stop.


There are projects, dreams, ideas and visions you have been sitting on. What better time than now to work on them? Carve out some free time each day to commit to your VISION. Won't it be AMAZING to come out of this experience with a COMPLETED PROJECT? The world is waiting for it. What better time than now to bring it forth???

6) Share Resources

There has been a lot of information floating around and the CDC has created straightforward guidelines that are easily understood, shareable and readable. Click the links below to familiarize yourself with the latest updates and share with others.

What you need to know about Corona Virus

What to do if you are sick with Corona Virus

Click Here to read more info on the CDC page or to obtain resource sheets with multiple translations.

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