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Just Show Up!

"Traffic is bad", "I am just soooo tired", "I won't know anyone", None of my friends are joining me"... We've all done it, talked ourselves out of attending business and networking events.

But just how many opportunities have you missed out on because you simply did not show up? You'd be amazed at how many exciting networking connections await you when you make the commitment to being present.

Not too long ago, I was invited to attend a networking breakfast which was very early in the morning and not exactly within my neck of the woods. As I lay in the bed that morning thinking about returning to sleep and ditching the event, I decided I would "power through" and attend. 

Incredibly, that single experience provided me with more connections, resources and opportunities than any event I've attended thus far!! As a matter of fact, going to that breakfast opened my world up to a number of people I otherwise may never have had an opportunity to meet.

Bottom line? If you are sincerely trying to advance your career, obtain clients or reach your goals; when given an opportunity to connect with others, you must simply Just Show Up!

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