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The 5 Agreements For Defining Your Own Path

June 06, 2015 5:58 PM | Professional Women (Administrator)

You are an incomparable masterpiece and wonder of the world but think about how many times you have been compared to or compared yourself to someone else.  

If that perception made you feel less than or somehow diminished, then your willingness to define your own path, from a place of esteem and confidence, was taken away from you.  

Reclaim and reinforce your personal power to define your path my proclaiming and following these five agreements with yourself:

Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.   ~ Carol Moseley-Braun

Agreement #1 - I accept the journey to define my path and claim my individual greatness by defining and designing the masterpiece that is me.

No one has the right or should be given the power to break down your sense of self.  Seeking validation or approval strips away your sense of worthiness and can begin an unhealthy habit of self-doubt.  You don’t need anyone’s permission to be great, to think outside the box or shatter the glass ceiling!  You come from a long line of brilliant, dignified, provocative, dedicated, and loving women.

Agreement #2 - I will follow my heart, my intuition, and my divine inner navigation system.  

The dictionary describes self-definition as providing the fundamental nature of one's identity, character, abilities, and attitudes, and self-determination as free will that establishes one's own fate or course of action without compulsion. Taking this level of personal initiative is the next level in leadership and business development.  You must allow yourself to think without boundaries.  To dream big and act bold!

Agreement #3 - I will not ask for approval or permission to tap into my purpose-driven power.

Defining your own path begins with defining yourself. Who are you outside of anyone’s preconceived or biased perception of you, whether individual, familial or societal? It’s often difficult to make this leap of faith because historically women, from all cultures, were defined negatively to suit the misguided desires and insecurities of others.  Yet in the midst of those challenges and often because of them, we flourished. We decided to stay true to our divine destiny and step outside the flawed image portrayed.

Agreement #4 - I will uplift and cheer on my sister’s gifts instead of comparing mine to diminish our collective.

As a sisterhood, we can support your dream if you define it based on who you are and what you have to offer.  We must first remove the desire to compare or be compared to anyone else.  Take the truth of your history with the lessons of your experiences and take your place beside the others.

By changing your perspective and reshaping your mindset, you can transform your experience and unlock your unlimited potential and gift of originality.  You can boldly venture into any arena you see fit.  

Agreement #5 - I will not allow anyone to separate me from my destined greatness.

Set you own standards and allow your imagination to extend beyond reach.  To do this you will need a renewed strategy, a shifted mindset, and focused self-determination.  

Take a different path by deciding to become a trail blazer; confident in your abilities and aware of those who held your dreams on their shoulders.  Your path awaits…

Blanche A. Williams, M.S. is President of Greatness by Design, LLC specializing in corporate/organizational performance training, leadership development, and coaching. Blanche is a highly sought after speaker, former XM Radio Talk Show Host, leadership expert, author, and adjunct professor at the Center for Leadership and Professional Studies/PBSC. She is also the founder of the National Black Women’s Town Hall , a non-profit dedicated to addressing black women and girl's issues through town hall style events, personal development, advocacy, solution-building and mentoring.


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